Scan - Refill - Go!

How It Works

Refill Now is a digital platform created to give access to everyone to public and private water points located in a destination.
Even without an app you can access the Refill Map with a simple scan of the Refill Now Qr code or NFC tag and locate Refill points near you.

Buy a Refill Now water bottle

Scan the QR code or NFC tag

Find a water point near you using the Refill Now Map

Refill your water bottle. Scan, Refill, Go!

Refill Now Map

Refill Now Map is an interactive map with a navigation system where are located private and public water refill points available in a destination

Tag NFC & QR Code

Refill Now QR Code and NFC Tag are installed on various accessories such as stainless steel reusable bottles and are linked to the Refill Now Map. With a simple scan with you smartphone’s camera or a simple touch you can access directly to the map without downloading any app or sharing your personal data.


Promote the Refill & Reusa culture reducing the use of single-use materials and plastic bottles


Refill Now accessories are included with QR Code and NFC Tag which connect you to Refill Now Map and allow you to access any time and wherever you are to the Refill Map.

Our Mission

To make zero impact travel easy and accessible for everyone.

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