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We offset our CO2 emissions

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More than 4000 water points available and easy to access

How it works


Refill Now is a digital platform created to give an easy access to water points available and reduce plastic consumption

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Isola d'Elba


Where it all began.The first Refill Now project and its impact on the tourist destination Isola d'Elba

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Purchase Refill Now water bottles and support the project by reducing our impact on the planet.

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Boracce Smart

Order your personalized smart bottle with your logo and connected to the Refill Now Map

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Our Services

We offer innovative and customized solutions to reduce the consumption of plastic by promoting a more responsible tourism and lifestyle.

Personalized bottles

Are you interested in receiving at your home the personalized Refill Now bottle with your logo and connected to the Refill Now Map?

Tourist Destinations

We create innovative projects and solutions for tourist destinations, national parks and public bodies to reduce plastic consumption and promote responsible behavior.

Events & Special Occasions

Are you organizing a cultural, sporting, corporate event and want to create your own personalized smart water bottles?

Join The Community

Are you a hotel, camping, bar, restaurant? Or Tour Operator, Association or Diving Center? If you want to be part of the Refill Now Community reducing your plastic consumption and impact on the environment, click here!

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