Personalize or standard reusable bottles

Are you interested in receiving at your home an innovative personalized reusable bottle with your logo and connected with the Refill Now Map?

Contact us to create your custom design together or check out our E-commerce for our Refill Now designs available.

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Join our community.

Are you an hotel, camping, bar, restaurant and you already offer drinking water without using plastic water bottles?
Fill up the form and we add you for free on the Refill Now Map

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Why be part of the Refill Now Community?

The Refill Now Team will be responsible for:

Refill Now Map

Place your business on the Refill Now Map for free


Increase your visibility and promote your business

Social Media

Social media presence through various Refill Now social pages

Sustainable Tourism

Promote a more responsible tourism and lifestyle.

Reduce your impact!

How can you participate in the Refill Now Community?

Welcome responsible water consumers

Offer your drinking water without using plastic bottles

Position the Refill Now leaflets and /or distribute the Refill Now Bottles in your establishment

Educate and encourage citizens and tourists to use reusable bottles and refill them at water points available

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Reduce your impact!

We offer innovative and customized solutions for destinations, national parks, municipalities and regions to reduce the consumption of plastic bottles and materials caused by the tourism industry and our daily lives.

Mapping of water points in a destination

Personalized water bottles created with logo/slogan and Refill Now QR code

Refill Now Map API: ability to install the Refill Map on your website

Marketing: customized advertising material to communicate the project

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Events & Special Occasions

Are you planning a sport, cultural or a company event and you want to create your reusable bottles?

Refill Now is the right choice, a unique water bottle, different from the others, smarter and connected to the Refill Now Map for an easy Refill.
The Refill Now team specializes in creating water bottle designs.
Thanks to sublimation printing we can create unique, 360-degree designs.

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Are you interested in a collaboration?

Refill Now is a sustainable project founded by ECO-2MD a startup from Elba Island and we are looking for sponsors to further spread the project. Our goal is to create a network of public and private water points throughout Italy and Europe and develop a system of data collection and statistics that will allow us to evaluate in real time the positive impact of the project.

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